The Profile of Our Chairman

Bishop Jimmy Singleton

Bishop Jimmy Singleton – A Man of Vision & Faith
known by many as “The Happy Preacher, The Skipping Preacher, and The Black Pope of Holiness”


As a highly anointed servant for the Lord, Bishop Jimmy Singleton administers soul-saving, life-changing, power-filled messages from God. He lives by the motto, ‘All is Well’ – a profound statement as to what Faith is.

In 1960, Bishop Singleton was baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost during a revival at Solomon Temple COGIC in Kohrville, Texas. A year later, he became a member of the Rock of Salvation Ministries under the leadership of Bishop H.M. Bolden. Brother Jimmy Singleton preached his life-changing sermon the last Sunday of December 1964. This was the beginning of a new phase and higher calling on his life. On July 12, 1973, he was ordained and licensed as a minister of the Gospel. After several years of serving faithfully as Deacon Singleton, he fulfilled the position as Assistant Pastor to Bishop H.M. Bolden. Minister Singleton was married to Lizzie Marie Carrington Singleton for twenty-three years until her passing in 1996.

In August 1976, Pastor Josie B. Bolton appointed then Minister Singleton as Pastor of the New View Free Church of God True Holiness in Henderson, Texas. In July 1978, by God’s direction and the leading of the Holy Ghost, Pastor Singleton organized and founded The Christ Holy Temple Deliverance Church in Henderson, Texas. In that same year, the late Bishop Herman Taylor consecrated Pastor Singleton to the Bishopric.

In 1981, Bishop Singleton met Bishop James McNeal Jr., introducing him to the organization known as the National Christian Fellowship Conference (NCFC). At the request of Bishop Lee Gaddy, Bishop Singleton agreed to pick up the NCFC conference contingent from the airport in Houston, Texas. That same year Bishop Singleton became a fellowshipping member.

In 1991, after a decade of faithfully supporting the vision, Bishop Singleton was appointed as Mid-West Region Coordinator. Three years later in 1994, he was appointed to the position of Vice-Chairman of NCFC where he served Bishop McNeal for twenty-five years until his passing in 2019.

In 2019, by unanimous consent, the governing body of the National Christian Fellowship Conference International confirmed and appointed Bishop Jimmy Singleton as the new chairman of NCFC where he currently serves.

Bishop Jimmy Singleton is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Christ Holy Temple Deliverance Church where he currently­­ serves in their newly constructed edifice.

Today, Bishop Singleton is supported in ministry, mission and matrimony by his wife, Pastor Misha Singleton of three years. Pastor Singleton also serves as Women’s Auxiliary Coordinator. Through a pandemic that has ravished the land, Bishop Singleton continues to support the vision of our late founder, Bishop McNeal, to grow and expand the Christian fellowship to build bridges of Christian love and unity.