NCFC 2024

New Orleans Louisiana

45th Anniversary and International Convention

Our Theme

"Steadfast and Unmoveable NCFC"

*Online registration will be closed after June 22nd. All further registrations will be handled at the door.*

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Fellowship Restored

As the Lord saw fit, COVID -19 ravished the land. But God, in his infinite wisdom  saw fit to sustain the vision that is NCFC. This year we look forward to full restoration of our fellowship in building Christian bridges of love and unity.

A Fellowship That Goes Beyond Denomination!

'Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!'
Psalms 133:1

Interested in being apart of the Debutante's Gala 

Our Chairman is looking for each region to submit at least two Debutante and Marshall for the 2023 Debutant Gala. CLICK HERE to read about our inaugural Debutantes and their Marshalls.

Capture the Moment, Write the History and Tell the Story

NCFC has a rich history and part of that history is a plethora of photos. Take a trip down through the years since NCFC's existence.

SINCE 1979

NCFC is a family of churches in fellowship serving and supporting one another in the Christian community. We are 'The Love of God in Motion', showing the goodness of God as demonstrated by our fellowship together.

Introduction   |   The Board   |   Testimonials

'Christian Love & Fellowship'

The National Christian Fellowship Conference is a distinctive, unique organization, established by the handshake of two pastors; Bishop James McNeal Jr. and Reverend Hansford K. Worline. A fellowship that began in a Los Angeles, California living room, received with great joy and applauded by all who witnessed marking the birth of the late night historic fellowship we know today.

NCFC members form an international network. Religious, local, community, professional, civic, social, and business leaders agreeing to assist each other through a fellowship that shares information, experience, and service in business, government, and spiritual life endeavors.

Our fellow began with a handshake and that standard continues today. There are no fee to join and no one gets paid. We are in this for the friendship and the fellowship, spreading Christian love around the world.

We glorify God together by sharing in praise services, financial guidance, legal advice, business, community, personal, and many other Christian endeavors, as we strive to bring God's community into a closer fellowship.

Meet the Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors are a group of leaders within the National Christian Fellowship Conferences that work to advance the work of our organization.

Their work, with the help of their staff, provides the groundwork for every conference, outing, and convention.

Bishop Jimmy Singleton


Bishop Gregory A. Wilson Sr.

Vice Chairman

Bishop Leon Walthour

South-East Region Coordinator

Bishop Perry J. McKenzie

Mid-West Region Coordinator

What Do Members Say?

Read what current NCFC fellowshipping churches and participants say about us.

Deacon Paul Robinson, Northeast

NCFC comes second to none. NCFC gets it done. Growing up seeing God's vision come to fruition was an epic sight to see.

Deacon Paul Robinson, Northeast

Brother Robert Gloster Jr., Southeast

NCFC is family. This great organization has brought me family and friends from all over the country. It continues to bring me family and I love it. It is a joy to see our Founder and Chairman, Bishop McNeal, still going strong after all these years and seeing the saints on one accord as always.

Brother Robert Gloster Jr., Southeast

Sister Elisse Davis Young, West Coast

My first experience attending NCFC was EPIC. Bishop McNeal's vision to form an organization that unifies all denominations was wisdom personified. He has provided a platform for people from all walks to come together to worship and fellowship. Every member of his church and organization exemplifies the integrity and compassion that he promotes. I can't wait to participate in a larger degree next year.

Sister Elisse Davis Young, West Coast